Christ International Ministries

Fulfilling the Great Commisson

The people with whom CIM interacts are, by and large, poor in material possessions. Over the years, funds have been used to feed people, assist widows,  support orphans, acquire medical help, seed businesses, pay school fees and more. This is not the primary ministry focus, but it is a very necessary part of ministry.

Christ Care School in Uganda began from a structure of bamboo and mud in 2014. It is on the grounds of the headquarters church in Uganda. The school is viewed as a tool for evangelism.
Christ Care School is now a bricks and mortar permanent building with four classrooms. This stage of the school was completed in late 2016. Plans are to add more classrooms and offices.  The school serves as an encouragement to the members of the headquarters church and the local community.
The school was established not just for training children academically, but also to provide an education which grounds them in Biblical truths. This stage of the school was completed in late 2016.

These children had to sit on the floor for their studies because there were no desks when the school was completed.

These desks were funded by CIM supporters.

Helping those in Need